IPad: Great Tool for the Real Estate Biz

"Who would ever want one of those?"  Yes.  Those were my exact words when discussing IPads a couple years ago.  They seemed to be a glorified ITouch – big and bulky…no real purpose, nothing I would ever need or want.

After a few "outings" in my job as a Realtor, I suddenly started to see the value…you could have access to the internet anytime with the cellular connection.  It was big enough to actually "see" the pictures or more importantly "read" the words in the listing fine print.  I could have listing presentations ready without all that paperwork and don't even get me started about access to files on the go.

So, how hard was it to learn?  Not only did I use it my first few days on the job, but like everything Apple, it was very easy to figure out.  The fact that it did resemble my IPods and IPhone made it very easy use.  I did attend the Apple seminar on "Getting Started with your IPad", but found I really didn't need it…it was more about hearing which aps were "must haves."

What are my most used aps?  For my job Dropbox is a definite…Docusign invaluable and QuickOffice a necessity.  The realtor aps – Realtor.com, zillow, etc are fabulous tools, but so is my own Windermere ap, too.  On the home side – I love Sticky Notes, Call to Park as I never have change for meters downtown, and of course my social media aps.

I have used my IPad in listing presentations – it does a fabulous job with Power Point slides.  It is great to plop right in the lap of a prospective buyer to let them learn about the houses we are previewing while driving there.  Need more information when at a house – no problem!  I can pull up tax records or property history in a moment with my 4G device.

And now – signing paperwork on the IPad itself!  WOW!!  How nice it is to not have to bring paperwork that is hand written – I can fill it all in legibly on the IPad itself and close the deal instantly with an electronic signature.

On a personal note…I have IBooks and the Nook and Kindle aps – I have already read 3 books on my new IPad.  Email is so much easier to read than on my IPhone and watching a movie while traveling…fabulous!  I havent dabbled much in the photography piece, but have heard that Instagram and Snapseed make editing and posting photos a breeze.

So…if I have any advice it is to embrace technology.  Sometimes, you will find what you couldn't possibly think anyone would ever want is now an indispensable tool for life!

Posted on 01/08/2012 at 16:38
Kristy Hamby | Category: Spokane

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