Fave Places to Eat in Spokane

This will be a tough one to keep short as the places to eat here in Spokane are endless…much  like my appetite!  However, for those new to Spokane or those wanting to just try something new, here are a few "must tries" in Spokane.

For those who like South Hill dining – might I suggest Lunas, Benniditos and Gordys.  Lunas has a French cafe atmosphere, attentive servers, fabulous salads and delectable desserts.  Main courses are unique and usually offer something for everyone.  Hands down our all time Spokane favorite!  Benniditos has some of the best pizza in Spokane – might I suggest some "beer buddies" to go with your dinner!  Gordys is a little place with a big punch.  Definitely our fave when we are craving Asian fare – definitely hits the spot when the hankering hits.

There are so many other faves on the South Hill, too…from Latah Bisto and Lindamans for salads and desserts to Rocket Bakery for pastries and treats.  You could spend weeks trying a new restaurant every day on the Hill and not get through them all!

For some dining on the West side – you must visit Downriver Grill and The Flying Goat.  Downriver Grill has the most amazing Gorgonzola Fries and such big entrees we usually can split all our courses between two of us so we can spring for the appetizer and dessert.  The Flying Goat is truly the best pizza in Spokane.  They have fabulous topping combinations and great beer to pair with these delectable thin crust crispy pizzas.

If you are going for the "fine dining" experience – and need a "must get brownie points with the wife" kind of place – treat yourselves to Masselows at the Northern Quest Casino.  You can go in via the hotel side and never have to step foot into the casino if you are not into that kind of thing.  The atmosphere is very Northwest – you feel right at home, yet as you savor every bite, you will wonder if you are in New York or London with their big tastes.  Definitely an expensive night out – but a field trip for your taste buds is awaiting you, I promise!

Downtown Spokane has something for everyone.  Our favorites are the Davenport Hotel eateries, Mizunas, Wild Sage and Sante.  The Palm Court Grill at the Davenport is another fine dining escape, their Safari Room a great lunch spot.  Mizunas caters to those Vegans out there, but has their share of meat for our dates 🙂  Wild Sage has a unique menu including their to die for popovers instead of the typical bread course.  Sante has mastered breakfast and dinner alike – a hard thing to do, but when you are a gourmet French Charcuterie.  So fresh and so yummy!

So I am out of space and didn't have room for so many other treats…perhaps a part 2 will be in order…but in the meantime, let your tummy be your guide through Spokane's greatest!  You will never visit a chain restaurant again.



Posted on 22/08/2012 at 16:45
Kristy Hamby | Category: Spokane

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